Friday, April 14, 2017

Another fun way to practice vocabulary...

Hey all!

I am sure you have heard of QUIZLET.  The wonderful flashcard review website.  Well, they now have a "live" feature.  It allows you to create a game from those vocabulary flash cards.  The first innovative thing about this game is that it is done collaboratively between 3-4 people.  On your team, everyone sees one side of the card, but only one person on the team has the answer.  So they have to discuss and share to get the correct answer.  And just to be sure students aren't just randomly clicking, if they get an incorrect answer, they go back to the beginning.

As the teacher, I can observe which teams are moving quickly, which teams are struggling, and which teams keep missing answers.  It gives me a lot of good data, while the kids are having a blast.  Try it out!  There are lots of vocabulary sets already made, but it is also very easy to make them yourselves.