Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Begin

Ok, so when I started using technology in my classroom, I was overwhelmed with how to begin. How do you teach 35 excited (often uncoordinated) kids to use this stuff without damaging it? So, I made a little powerpoint/keynote that I share with each class at the beginning of each year. I also review it periodically during the year. I am providing them both for you to use/change as you see fit. But...of course I cannot load them onto my blog, so I am providing them on a free file sharing site. Don't worry this is a very popular site used by loads of teachers. The address is:

Here is a tip: If you want to change a powerpoint into a keynote, simply click on the file (do not open the file), hold down the control button and click the mouse. A menu of options will appear. Click "Open With" and choose "Keynote." The slideshow may shift or change a bit, but it is always better than having to rebuild everything from scratch.

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