Sunday, September 16, 2012

Literacy QR Code Activity to Share

Hi my friends!
I have created a reading activity that includes the use of QR codes.  I will be using this with my 5th graders tomorrow.  I wanted a way to review "what good readers do" while checking in on the skills they have mastered and the ones I will be sure to focus on in the next few weeks.  Feel free to use it!  It was super easy to make. Let's walk through how I made this lesson.
QR Codes and Great Readers

  I first chose the topics/focus of my lesson.  I was actually inspired by this "Good Readers" poster I found on pinterest.  It did not link back to its original home.  I cannot find its  author, so if anyone out there knows who made this,  let me know so I can give credit to him/her.

I then decided to make a QR code activity that reviews/assesses these skills.  I created questions that I wanted the students to answer.  I then found websites that would allow them to practice those skills.  For example, I chose visualization as an important reading skill.  I talk about "mind movies" all the time.  I knew I wanted a story that they could listen to, but not have any images to support the story.  I also knew I wanted a story that was engaging and had great atmosphere.  It made me think of the author, O. Penn-Coughin.  This local author writes amazing spooky stories for kids.  He also has amazing audio podcasts of these stories.

So, I found the link to the story I wanted the students to listen to.  I then went to to create my QR code.  I made sure the generate tab was clicked.  I then copied and pasted the URL of the spooky story and hit "generate."  It then creates a QR code.  I then saved it as a jpeg file.  It looks like this.------------>

I now plan to take the QR codes for this activity and hang them around the room.  The students will be in teams of 2-3.  They will go around the room to scan the QR codes and answer the questions.
I plan to do this lesson with my class tomorrow.  I will let you all know how it goes.  I have to admit I am excited to watch this lesson unfold.  It is much more engaging than the workbook pages that review this same information.  I will post tomorrow to let you know how it all works out. 

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