Monday, July 8, 2013

Amazing Practice Website for Reading Comprehension Strategies

Hi all!
So I have been bopping around online looking for additional practice resources for specific reading comprehension skills.  Since the common core requires a more rigorous understanding and application of these strategies, I need to be constantly adding to my arsenal of resources.  I came upon this site and it definitely is rigorous.  It is listed as a social studies skills tutoring website, but these skills are definitely cross-curricular.
I like this site for a few reasons First, I like that each strategy is clearly defined.  Next, I appreciate that there are varied levels of difficulty for each strategy.  You can also choose to have the directions and passages read to you.  That is great for kiddos who may not have the fluency, but still need to practice the skills.  Finally, I appreciate that there are three options for mastery: learn, practice, and apply.  I definitely plan to have my students access this site next year.  It should provide additional practice for comprehension and test taking skills alike.  Click here to visit the site.

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