Thursday, October 24, 2013

This App Changed My Life...

Silent Light.  Where have you been all my life?  In the past, I have used a generic decibel meter on my iPad to help show my students the noise level in the classroom.  But,  I just discovered this app handmade for teachers.  It lets you set the noise level.  It then allows you to choose the time increment expectations.  Every time your class meets that expectation, they get a point.  My class earns points for parties, so this was a big hit.  Also, if you set your iPad to landscape viewing, you can set the learning target.  I have used this app over the last week, and it has been a miracle for keeping a large class of 5th graders on target for learning and for noise.  And at only $0.99, it is a steal.

**UPDATE: The app price has risen to $3.99.  For me, the price is still worth it--but I wanted to be sure everyone knows about the increase!


  1. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I will definitely check this out…thanks for sharing!
    The Techie Teacher

  3. I just looked, and it's already gone up to $3.99. There are no reviews on the app, has anyone else tried it and found it useful? Just want to know before I purchase!

  4. AArgh. The price did go up. I know that several teachers have used it at my school and love it. For me, the $3.99 price is still worth it. Thanks for letting me know.