Thursday, February 16, 2017

How long has it been since you have Hopscotched?

The Hour Of Code (presented by has taken the world of education by storm.  But, there is a free app, that allows your students to take block programming to whatever level they are able.  It is a natural differentiator, which as teachers, we desperately need.  Hopscotch is also does not require a lot of reading, so it allows normally struggling students really shine.

It is also highly engaging.  I had several students, on their own time over a weekend, work together to create Pong.  Yes, that pong. The world-rocking video game of our youth.  10 year olds figured out how to block code it in two days.

The most amazing part about it is that as a teacher you do NOT need to know how to program or code.  The tutorials are built in---and students naturally start to figure things out.  They become the leaders of the classroom, while you get to sit back and learn from them.

Want to learn more about the FREE app?  Check out the Hopscotch Tutorials.

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